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Plein Air Paintings-January 2013

On January 10th 2013…I actually followed through on a New Years resolution for once. For a long time now I have been saying that I would go and paint 'En Plein Air' but never quite got around to it. I organised all my equipment for painting outside, trying to keep it as light as possible (wishful thinking), got dressed in suitable clothing for standing in the open for a couple of hours at a time and drove fifteen minutes away (little steps first) from my home in Sefton on Merseyside to a location that I was familiar with. I set my easel up in a farmers field and started painting the scene that was in front of me, and discovered a delightful experience which I have been missing out on for so long…until now.

Plein Air Painting - Lunt Lane Plein Air

The painting equipment I use for Plein Air painting is the large 'Sienna-Pochade Box' plus a Manfrotto 055XPROB camera tripod. I use both Atelier Interactive Acrylics or oil paint and a selection of brushes from Rosemary & Co. and the SAA they all fit into a backpack which, I must admit is still a little too heavy. The tripod is the heaviest part of the equipment but I am willing to put up with the weight of it because it is very strong and less likely to wobble or blow over in the wind.