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Two nights at
Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country House & Spa

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Thursday 13th and Friday 14th August 2009 

On Thursday evening I booked in at the Tre-Ysgawen (Treth-Gowen) Hall Country House & Spa in Anglesey North Wales. Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country House Hotel and Spa. It is a beautiful hotel with very large comfortable en-suite rooms. The food is of “Master Chef” quality and you can relax after your meal in the bar or in the elegant Library/Drawing Room. There is also a large heated swimming pool with a jacuzzi, I can personally recommend it.  I was staying at the hotel because I was doing a two day painting demonstration for Chroma paints, demonstrating Atelier Interactive acrylic paints… you can read details about Atelier Interactive paint on the pages of my Blog.

The venue was at the SOS Limited SOS Limited : Welcome : 01248 724724  on the Industrial Estate Road in Llangefni in Anglesey. It was a two day event with two artists’ in attendance, myself and Jenny Holland, you can reach Jenny at; . We both had our own area to show the public painting techniques. I was  demonstrating Chroma’s Atelier Interactive acrylic paints and Jenny was demonstrating watercolour and other mixed media techniques.

There was a lot of interest shown by the public, I had numerous people asking me questions about the Atelier Interactive range of paints and materials and some came back on the Saturday to watch me demonstrating an oil painting technique using Atelier. All in all it was a good venue with lots of information shared with the public. The people who organised the venue Richard and Sandra Jones and my self met up later with Kim Gladstone and Sarah Westbury from another organiser also staying at the hotel, for a very enjoyable meal and drink. 

SOS Limited

SOS Limited : Welcome : 01248 724724


Below are photographs taken of myself and Jenny Holland doing our stuff the painting demonstrations held at the SOS Limited; Photographs by Alica Holland Area Sales Manage West Design Products Ltd:

Three of the photographs show me painting in a watercolour style using Atelier Interactive acrylics, and the other three show me painting in an oil painting style using Atelier Interactive acrylics…apron optional.

The two photographs (bottom) show Jenny Holland demonstrating watercolour techniques and mixed media techniques: