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Painting Demonstration at the 
Denbighshire Art Society-North Wales

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I arrived at the Denbighshire Art Society Studio in Colwyn Bay, North Wales (which is approximately 65 miles from where I live) with time to spare to set up my painting area for the two hour painting demonstration ahead. Stephanie Searle the secretary and other members of the Art Society made me very welcome. 

The painting you see here “Old Meni” took me approximately 80 minutes to paint with short breaks to explain how and what I was doing. The idea behind these demonstrations is not to complete one or even two paintings in two hours but to demonstrate how Atelier Interactive works. On this occasion I did not use my usual Retarder plus Liquifying Medium to paint onto the canvas prior to painting to slow the process down but instead went straight into using the Thick Slow Medium which I mixed with the paint to give it more body and to slow the drying process. 

The studio was very warm (I was at the back of the studio and under a lot of spotlights) with about 35 people in attendance. I gave them the usual talk about Chroma paints and Atelier Interactive Acrylics and showed them how you can open up Atelier Interactive after it was dry using the Unlocking Formula. On the morning of the demonstration I prepared a swatch of Liquitex and Atelier Interactive Acrylics and waited for it to dry. At the start of the demonstration and before I started painting, I sprayed the Unlocking Formula onto the swatch, waited for a couple of seconds and started to mix/blend the colours of the Atelier Interactive together. 

They reacted as expected but surprisingly when I did the same with the Liquitex that too blended but to a lesser extent, the Atelier acrylic was the better of the two at blending. Now this could be down to the fact that when I prepared the swatch that morning I did so using a palette knife rather than a brush, in other word, I applied it thickly which means that the skin of the paint, although touch dry the paint underneath could/would still be activated if a solvent such as the Unlocking Formula was applied to it (I usually prepare a swatch at least twelve hours before a demo).

On the actual painting itself I sprayed the Unlocking Medium onto an area of the canvas as you can see here in the cloud just above the buildings. After this area (cloud) of the painting had dried I asked people to come and check out for themselves how the unlocking medium works. I sprayed an area of the cloud with the Unlocking Medium and lightly rubbed the paint off showing the red tinted background of the canvas underneath, I went onto tell them that they could rub all the paint back to the canvas if they felt an area of their painting was not working as well as they were expecting it to, and then repaint the area as they wished.

Below is a comment I received from the Secretary of the Society:

“The Denbighshire Art Society was pleased to welcome you to their Saturday meeting last week. As I remarked there was a very good turnout of members and I think they found your demonstration both interesting and entertaining. I am sure several members were excited by the atelier interactive paints and will, no doubt, have a go. Thank you again for starting off our new season in such a positive way.”

 Good wishes

Stephanie Searle

The painting “Old Meni” measures 60 cm x 50 cm on canvas (for the purpose of these demonstrations I only use cheap cotton canvas)