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Painting Demonstration at the 
Romsley Art Group

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The demo last night at the Romsley Art Group in Solihull was excellent, even though there were only about 20 people who attended. The painting I did was of a red barn, I sketched the image onto Saunders Waterford 300lbs paper, first staining the paper with Atelier Raw Sienna, then when it was fully dried out I brushed Atelier Binder Medium all over the paper to help the painting process later.

The audience where genuinely interested in the product and asked quiet a number of questions about Atelier and the Mediums. I explained how I painted the "April's Snow" using Atelier and how long it took, I then went on to explain that the the demo painting this evening will take only one and a half hours to paint, but to do this I needed to make a final preparation to allow me to work unheeded.

I made a preparation of Retarder and Liquefying Medium (no set amount) then brushed this 'Milky' liquid all over the paper (it is clear when applied). I then squeezed two sets of Primary colours onto my palette (Crimson, Cadmium Red Light, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Arylamide Yellow Light, Arylamide Yellow Deep (again this colour for some strange reason was virtually dry as it came out of the tube…I could not use it) to this mix of colours I added Phalo Green, Raw Sienna and Burnt Umber plus a large amount of White.

I mixed two shades of blue for the sky (darker colour at the top, lighter at the bottom) and quickly brushed the colour in, I then proceeded painting the clouds using the white then mixed a shadow colour of Ultramarine and Raw Sienna for the underbelly of the clouds…The Retarder/Liquefying mix made this operation very fluid. The next step was the Mountains…I mixed Ultramarine Blue with a small amount (Smidgen… it's in the dictionary!!) of Crimson then brushed the colour well into the paper, I then mixed a small amount of Cad Red with some Arylamide Yellow Light for the sunlit side of the mountain, added some white with a touch of Ultramarine Blue for the snow. On the reverse side of the mountain I added more Blue to the snow mix.

Moving down, I mixed some Phalo Green with some Arylamide Yellow Light plus a small amount of Crimson for the trees. For the fields I mixed Arylamide Yellow Light with a touch of Raw Sienna plus white…I kept saying to people "Lighten Up" (they must have been thinking…cheeky bugger!!) but I then went onto explain that the colour will darken as it soaks in, so therefore lighten the colour more than you think you need, that way the colour will be nearer to what you want.. As the field comes closer to you the colour will appear richer in colour with the addition of Crimson and a small amount of Phalo Green.

The Red Barn was an orange mixture of Crimson plus Arylamide Yellow Light with a small amount of Raw Sienna, the roof was a mix of Ultramarine Blue a very small amount of Crimson plus white. The grass in the painting was a mixture of Ultramarine Blue, Arylamide Yellow Light with Crimson to tone it down in places. In the foreground I used Raw umber for the wood in the stream and the tree. The tree was a mixture of many colours to add texture, the dark accents under the leaves was a mixture of Ultramarine Blue, Phalo Green plus Crimson (no Black or Paynes Grey were used in this painting).

Overall this was a  very enjoyable painting, one lady said to me that she was "Inspired" (her words) by the demo.…This is a "Fresh" approach to my painting compared to my painting "April's Snow" which was more detailed, and can be seen on the front page of my website. The audience seemed to appreciate both my styles but more importantly with the application and quality of the paint. I sold a number of sets of the 12 x 20 ml tubes including the Unlocking Formula…which I demonstrated it's unlocking powers on another painting.

Overall…I would say that this was "Another" successful demonstration of the quality and attributes of Atelier Interactive