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Painting Demonstration at 
Rennies Art Shop in Liverpool

Saturday, 3 October 2009

On Saturday the 3rd of October I gave a six hour demonstration of acrylic painting at Rennies Art Shop in Bold Street Liverpool. I was hoping to see a good crowd of people interested or curious in seeing what I was doing but unfortunately the weather on that day was a little inclement to say the least. I was situated right at the front of the shop adjacent to the main entrance, there was a strong wind blowing outside which also came inside at times to upset the display stand right next to where I was working.

I did however get quite a number of people stopping to watch me painting (albeit to get out of the rain) and ask me questions about the paint I was using which of course was Atelier Interactive and the subject. I also had a number of my students from my classes at Liverpool Adult Learning Services turn up to give me moral support, but most of the people who did stop to watch me painting were there to buy art supplies for themselves. Rennies did put a display of Atelier Interactive paints and mediums on show, and people did ask me questions about the product and were particularly interested in seeing it at first hand being demonstrated. 

I explained the benefits of the paints and how they can be reopened after they have dried by the addition of Unlocking Formula, I also demonstrated this process a couple of times on the actual paintings I was doing. You could see the interest when I painted the sky using quick cross hatching strokes. I explained that by using a large one and a half inch soft synthetic hair brush, holding the brush further up the handle you are able to use light strokes which helps with the blending process. During the six hour session I was able to paint two paintings, the one (below) is of a river estuary in Anglesey, the painting at the bottom is of a scene from Camusterrach (part of Applecross) on the N W coast of Scotland looking out over towards the Cuillin ridge of Skye (just above the first cottage)

It was a busy but very interesting day and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to anyone who wanted to know what I was doing, the staff at Rennies were very helpful and supplied me with coffee through the day. I would also like to thank Duncan (the owner of Rennies) for being very patient with me (it must have been a bit inconvenient having me stuck in the main thoroughfare of his shop on the busiest day of the week)