traditional and digital paintings,

About The Artist

Name: Bob Hughes

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Occupation: Traditional and New Media/Digital Artist / Art Tutor/Demonstrator for Chroma’s Atelier Interactive Acrylics

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Bio: I am a self-taught traditional and digital artist, art tutor and demonstrator. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember, I paint traditional subjects but specialise in digital portraiture. My favorite medium is oil paints but I am familiar with most other mediums including watercolor, acrylic, coloured pencils, pastel pencils, pastel, etc. even modeling the head in clay

These last couple of years have seen a change in my way of painting partially due to the limited amount of space I have at home. As well as my traditional painting materials, paints, brushes canvases etc. my new medium is “Digital” painting, painting on a computer using a Wacom Graphics tablet. The only downside to this process is that you don't have a hard copy at the end of the painting process as you do when you paint in the traditional way, but digital painting certainly has it's benefits too. My studio cum workstation comprises of a Mac Pro, two monitors, a Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet and a printer with a facility to print directly onto printable CDs or DVDs, plus all my traditional materials, paints and brushes needed to carry out any traditional painting project.

The software packages I use are; Adobe Creative Cloud which includes Photoshop the application I use to paint with as well as many other interesting features, and Corel Painter X3 the main source for painting. Rather than print artwork onto my own printer which is too small for what I do anyway I send my finished artwork off to a Professional Fine Art Printer 'Fine Art Solutions' who are based in Surrey. This company uses the latest Ink Jet printing technology called “Giclee” to print onto canvas and top quality papers.

I travel  to venues in and around the North West and Central parts of the UK and North Wales when I am demonstrating or teaching workshops in Art Clubs and Societies, Residential Adult Educational Centres, small businesses and large art shops, including workshops for the Artists & Illustrators magazine.  One other interesting turn in my life was to sign up with a company in the USA as a 'Creative Arts Instructor' on cruise ships including Cunard.

I still use traditional mediums such as oil, watercolour, pastel pencils, pastels, pencil etc, after all, what is art? …it’s creating images using any material you can lay your hands on, isn’t it...and that includes 'Digital'.

They say “it’s never too late to learn new skills… to break new barriers” well I am living proof of that. I achieved a BA (Hon) Degree  when I was over 50…doing it in two years instead of three. I started a teaching career (teaching adults), and now I am beginning to get noticed as a skilled painting demonstrator showing off my painting skills to anyone wanting to improve their own knowledge…who knows! maybe someone will start a new career for themselves after coming to one of my workshops