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 70th Anniversary of the
Battle of the Atlantic


The “Battle of the Atlantic” said Churchill, was ‘the dominant factor all through the war.” For the longest continuous military campaign of WWII, Liverpool was the crucible of operations: its subterranean war rooms the theatre from which the strategies were successfully played out.

Between 24th and 28th May 2013 the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic (BOA 70) will be commemorated with a series of events in the cities of Liverpool, London and Londonderry. Royal Navy and international ship visits are planned in support of the city’s core commemoration day, Sunday 26 May, with a march through the city by current Naval and Merchant Naval personnel as well as veterans, and a flypast of Fairey Swordfish.

To commemorate this event I am selling 'Signed Limited Edition Prints' of my painting 'In Good Company', HMS Cornwall escort ship to the Royal Yacht Britannia, on Merseyside for the 'Battle of the Atlantic Commemorations' in 1993. The Overall print size is 56.5 x 78 cm, the actual image size is 46.5 x 71 cm. HMS Cornwall, a Type 22 Frigate was decommissioned on June 30th 2011

hms cornwall F99 emb n12997

HMS Cornwall-In Good Company

  2007 Iranian seizure of Royal Navy personnel from 

HMS Cornwall

Iranian military personnel seized 15 Royal Navy personnel during 2007 and held them for 13 days. 

On 23 March 2007, 15 British Royal Navy personnel, from HMS Cornwall, searching a merchant vessel were surrounded by the Navy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and subsequently detained off the Iran-Iraq coast. In the course of events, the British forces claimed that the vessel was in Iraqi waters, but the Iranian side insisted that they were in Iran's territorial waters.The 15 personnel were released on 4 April 2007

HMS Cornwall commander removed after 
Iran hostage debacle

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A Royal Navy Commander was removed from his ship after 15 of his sailors and marines were captured by the Iranians. 

Commander Jeremy Woods, captain of the frigate HMS Cornwall, was moved "to a post where his talents and experience can be used to best effect", the Ministry of Defence said.

An MoD spokesman declined to say whether the decision was connected to events in March 2007, described at the time by the head of the navy as a "bad day" for the service.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards captured the seven Royal Marines and eight sailors at gunpoint after they left the Cornwall in a small vessel to search a ship in the Gulf between Iran and Iraq.

Iran – which insisted the group was in Iranian waters, something the UK denied – held them for 13 days before releasing them in a choreographed publicity exercise orchestrated by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Aside from the issue of the capture, the navy's embarrassment was heightened by the way the crew appeared willing to be paraded before the world's media in Iranian-provided suits, shaking Ahmadinejad's hand and smiling cheerfully.